FIFA 18 trading secrets

Game Hacks

The game and its popularity depend upon the market and the changes in the prices. The prices keep changing as there happen influxes in the prices and coins. When the market situations look favorable, the players get to stock more number of coins. This gives them an opportunity to build a strong and competitive team to sport against the other teams on the field. There are many traders who take part in this online gaming and the ones who are well experienced in this field know to grab the right opportunities to make a fortune and earn coins. The number of investors who are taking up these online games is increasing day by day and hence the market is also becoming denser with more players and more number of games.

The web apps provide an easy gateway for players to take the fields for playing the FIFA 18 online. There are a number of loyalty packs available for all the players who take a login to such websites. And the benefits of taking such web apps for playing this game online is that there are opportunities for earning coins. FUT is one mode where you will be offered free FIFA coins and they are offered for free. If you need FIFA 18 coins go here and you will also be able to make a competitive and very strong team that would bring victory to your investment. There are a lot of trading strategies that can be used for experiencing a victory in this game.

  • Non-rare gold method – this is the best strategy for those who find a very little time for this play This is a simple strategy that can be used by all players.
  • Silver card method
  • 59th-minute method
  • Bronze pack method

My Favorite Romantic Movies for a Night in With the Girlfriend

Online Movies

You’ve got a romantic evening planned with your girlfriend. Maybe you’re going to order some food in, or maybe you’ll cook a nice meal for her. But, you have no idea what movie to pick. I’m here to help you pick that perfect film that’s going to make for an incredible evening with that special someone, and remember you can watch all your favorite movies by streaming online.

The Notebook

This is my all time favorite movie to watch with my girl. Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling star in this powerful, epic romantic drama about love standing the test of time, against difficult odds. This is one to watch with the girl you’re in love with.


A classic movie. 3 hours long, so this will make for a very special evening with your girl. Powerful, entertaining and sad at the same time. This one’s sure to have her crying in your arms at the end of the night. Or maybe you’ll be crying in her arms?! Haha.

You’ve Got Mail

This is a great one for the older couples. A classic romantic movie with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan about a man and a woman who are rivals in business, and inadvertently meet online and end up falling in love. The movie takes you through the challenges and trials that the 2 face and have to overcome if they’re going to be together.

500 Days of Summer

This one is a bit of a different type of romantic drama. Not your typical love story. It’s more of a movie about what not to do with the girl you’ve fallen for than your usual happy romantic drama with a happy ending. Funny and serious at the same time. A good one to enjoy with the girlfriend.


Yes, Avatar! My favorite movie of all time. While this is technically a fantasy sci-fi, to me, it is a love story. The most powerful love story I’ve ever seen and shows how love can transcend the stars between even 2 different species.


Some Online Hacks

play card


Online hacks have become a way of life for gamers these days and they are quite easy to come by as well. There are plenty of websites that offer hacks for any kind of online game out there. Pocker is one such game which sees an avid interest for online hacks and we have listed a few for you.

Before discussing hacks, though, let’s have a look at the common ways in which people cheat online:

  1. Multi-accounting – this one is quite self-explanatory, a player has multiple real and verified accounts which they use for playing in a single room. This practice is banned because online gaming companies offer joining bonuses and when a single player operates multiple accounts it is a loss for the company.
  2. Bots – These are also self-explanatory in that these pre-programmed bots play the game online, since these bots are operated by a code they probably have all imaginable outcomes of the game pre-programmed and can assess when they have a winning hand. This put other players at a huge disadvantage and more importantly the house at a disadvantage.
  3. Ghosting – if you have valuable game advice from one player and you choose to share it with a rival, then, you are ghosting. While theoretically it doesn’t seem like it is a lot, you have to take into account the fact that some advice is given with insider knowledge and any information that can cause the house any kind of disadvantage will be a problem.
  4. Collusion – when two players join hands to win some money, that is known as collusion. This practice is not usually detectable, but a lot of times people who don’t have a very good hand often coordinate with another player who understands the nuances better and can help them win. This is known as collusion.
  5. Viewing Hole Cards – this is a rather elaborate cheat and it very hard to do. In 2007, a huge scandal broke over a user’s “super user account” which helped players access the hole cards of other players in an online poker room.
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